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aListers's News

Posted by aListers - February 7th, 2013

How many days have I been away? I've had loads of computer problems over the last few days and coupled with prelims (one of which I've probably failed) I've not had the time to get on the websites I like to go on. My crappy tablet might have a virus on it and I don't trust my laptop. My desktop had been running extremely slow for the last few days so I decided to run a program to delete all the temporary folders and it took 3 days to finish. Still at least the prelims are over now. Thank smeg it's no fap february.

I've also started having dreams more often. It's very nice. 4 days in a row that I've remembered my dreams now. I've been more tired recently though.

Posted by aListers - December 31st, 2012

Happy 2013!

2012 was an epic year of my life. I got my first official grades at school and they were pretty good. The clock crew era of my life is well and truly over now because I finally completed drawn to life the next chapter which was the last major thing of that era. It also marked the return of my addiction to runescape :( and an addiction to wrestling. 2012 also marks the 3rd year of the anime era of my life. That makes it the longest era of my life yet - if you don't count the dark ages where I had a life.

2013 will be when things get serious. I can't just sit back and listen while the world flys by and expect to get anywhere from it. This year will be about hard work. I'm doing 5 highers this year and so I'll have to work my hardest to get my 2 As and 2 Bs. According to my mum Cs aren't acceptable. I may be doing good compared to most of the rest of my classes but I'm not completely sure if that's enough. Still 2013 will be a stressfull year. I might even have to get a life this year. I'm not looking forward to that. My only resolution thing is to start studying but I think by the end of the year I'll need a break. People around me are getting jobs while I'm still on fourms and obsessing over anime.

Happy new year everybody!

Posted by aListers - December 24th, 2012

To me christmas eve has always been much more important than christmas day - even if I usually have more fun on christmas day.

Christmas eve is where the magic is meant to happen. Santa is meant to travel around the world on christmas eve rather than christmas day. Christmas day seems more like the fall out from christmas eve.

This also marks the 3rd year of the current era of my life. 3 years ago I was on know your meme and discovered somthing there which would change my life and everything I wanted for christmas.

I'm going to mark this day special by finally finishing drawn to life the next chapter.

**UPDATE** Merry christmas.

Posted by aListers - September 28th, 2012

Saw my first concert ever today. Dragonforce headlined the gig but it seemed like the amount of fans between alestorm and dragonforce were 50/50. Even moreso, most of the dragonforce fans left after through the fire and flames was played.

I was quite surprised with the lack of loyalty to dragonforce. Alestorm managed to win over most of the dragonforce fans when they played though. At the 3nd last alestorm song people were screaming for an encore but the dragonforce crowd remained silent after their 2nd last song.

Thing is I did go with alestorm fans who only really came to see alestorm. I was the only one who was a fan of both. It seemed like most of the crowd were that way too.

Other than that I ate sushi today. Sushi is awesome.

Posted by aListers - August 29th, 2012

I'm now old enough to get married but I've never had a girlfriend. I couldn't get on to newgrounds yesterdayy because of school and the big family meal we had to go to early so we could get a seat. Not often you get to eat lobster.

**UPDATE** also happy birthday miku!

Posted by aListers - August 15th, 2012

I've failed a challenge but I have duties as a clock.

But I will have duties no more! I am announcing that I may never make another clockday flash. Unfortunatley life is getting important and I need the time. I've been told I can't just sit back and relax this year to get good marks. This year I actually have to try to get good marks. So with that I don't know if I will be able to make a clockday flash next year. I've enjoyed making them for years but unfortunatley time is a problem. If I make a flash it will be at any time now so watch out.

Posted by aListers - February 6th, 2012

I salute your service to the users! Your time has come but you've been awesome.

Posted by aListers - December 31st, 2011

Happy new year! Another year of being ignored and forgotten about by old friends! Anotrher year of reminising over 2007. Another year of fear that Hatsune Miku may be critisized by friends and enemies where I live. Another year of happiness for somthing I don't know about yet. Another year of importance. This will be the most important year of my life. Another year of failure.

Posted by aListers - November 24th, 2011

Things are getting important for me. Why don't I care? I'm way too relaxed and these things willl affect me for the rest of my life. I can't be bothered doing anything. I should study but I only go on the computer and watch things. What can I do to convince me to start studying and then work on my clockday flash. I really can't be bothered doing either. I should've signed up at .cc back in 07.

Posted by aListers - August 30th, 2011

I forgot to tell everybody. Only my family and some guy called Adam remembered.

It just felt like another day just with new call of duty black ops maps.