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aListers's News

Posted by aListers - August 15th, 2023

Made my clockday movie on stream this year. How confused are the vtuber fans who follow me are is somthing I don't know.

Happy clockday!


Posted by aListers - April 1st, 2023

Can't believe I missed clockday this year.

Posted by aListers - September 8th, 2022

God save Queen Elizabeth II.

Long live king Charles IV.

God save the king

Posted by aListers - August 14th, 2022

Happy Clockday everybody

Just kind of made my flash last minute so I don't feel it's up to current standards but it's been a stressful year and more stress is yet to come


Posted by aListers - September 22nd, 2021

iu_426269_1925043.webpIt's been no real secret that I've been trying to expand my retinue of creative abilities in the last few years. You may have seen some of my art that I've been posting to Newgrounds and I'm making ok progress on that. With one of my skills developing, I have decided to open up to next stage in my journey which is streaming.

My youtube is Here

My twitch is here

pick one, they'll for the most part have the same content.

Newgrounds will continue to be my primary page - I'm rather loyal to this place. In this case I'm hoping to use streaming as an excuse to upload more to newgrounds. This will take a while though - my pages are still somewhat bear.

I have used this as an excuse to walk the path of the Vtuber. A childhood of Conquering galaxies and then settling down has left me feeling wanting. I settled down, joined the clock crew and became a massive touhou fan - using B and Gensokyo to tide me over. Now Humanity is at the crossroads of it's future. Humanity is close to expanding beyond it's planet and it is now time for me to help it advance. I must bring honour to my clan and in order to do that I must improve. I will advance into the skillsets of Streaming, Programming, Music, Art, Animation and gaming in order to become as close to a good example of humanity as I can. One day, when I am at this stage I can bring honour to my clan and lay claim to my surname.


Posted by aListers - August 15th, 2020

So last year ended pretty badly and this year started pretty badly. Nonetheless, I have moved back to Dundee and I'm attempting to pursue indie game development full time. I have teamed up with an artist who still hasn't made a newgrounds account despite me bugging him about it for several years now. At some point I may announce what we're making.

Other than that, I have been learning to draw. Expect somthing from me at the end of the month on that front.

Despite the state of the world, my life has meerly gone back to normal. I'm short a GF but that's about it. My mental health has held up surprisingly well despite losing quite a lot. Losing my job has given me freedom and this pandemic has guaranteed it for a limited time. Luckily I got my home back too - it was nicely timed. In my plans to make this game, I hope to serve my country's recovery and entertain you all in doing so.

August is a month of celebration for me. It starts on clockday and ends on the 31st. For now, Happy clockday! I hope you all enjoy what B has brought you.


Posted by aListers - January 16th, 2020

So I lost my job. So, that's me lost my job, my house and my love. I sacrificed my house for the job so I'm living with my mum, got no gf and now lost my job. Really is a new start this decade


Posted by aListers - December 24th, 2019

So, 10 years ago today I discovered Vocaloid. December 24th 2009 was a big day. I was excited to get Drawn To Life: The next chapter and for christmas the next day. I decided to count down the time by looking at what memes had existed until now and discovered the knowyourmeme page for Vocaloid. I thought it was funny at first and laughed at the engrish covers of songs. However, I knew in my heart that I had been searching for this for years. Suddenly what I wanted for christmas had changed last minute and I spent the entire of christmas day searching for and listening to vocaloid songs. I eventually decided to give anime another chance and found myself on that part of the internet. The next year I would start watching anime and I would discover Touhou which resulted in a new era of my life.

Each era of my life has changed me in many ways. The red dwarf era changed my vocabulary, the Newgrounds era is responsible for my morals and values. The anime era is responsible for my religion and outlook on life. I had years before seen a man predict the lottery numbers through a method he called "wisdom of the crowds" in which he had multiple people make an educated guess. It convinced me that there was some inherent divinity to humanity. Later I would have this belief shown to me by Haruhi - an anime about a school girl who doesn't realise she's god. My beliefs were further solidified by Touhou years later (also years after I discovered it somehow) but by then they were more or less in the state they are now. Thing is that my outlook on life was somewhat pessimistic. Just before the era started I had realised I was content with life. Not because life was good but because I believed it would never get better. Life was terrible, high school was terrible, people were terrible - but I just thought that it was just the ways things were. I was brought out of it briefly by vocaloid but reached what I consider enlightenment through Touhou again. Buddhist characters were able to spread there word and I researched the religion. While I am not a buddhist (more like panthiestic, I believe that humans create/maintain gods through faith and that people's generally beliefs are always somewhat true) I did adopt the buddhist philosphy to guide me through the rough patches.

This era was host to the 2nd peak of my life. During my time as an anime fan the anime "Sword Art Online" came out. People in general seem to hate the anime but over the years I've come to realise that I may never enjoy any anime as much as I enjoyed SAO. I was playing Runescape back then. Persona 3 had convinced me to come back to RS and I finally had the patience and intelligence to grind properly. When SAO came out I didn't just watch it - I lived it - as cringy as that sounds. I lived each day waiting for the next episode of SAO and I would be grinding in the stronghold of security each day waiting. Life was great. Unfortunately it had to end. Jagex had announced the EOC update and would proceed to ruin Runescape permanently. I would find my community on 2006scape and eventually ProjectRS06. The times I spent on the 2006scape fourms will never be forgotten. SAO was winding down now. The rather disliked 2nd half was causing people to hate the show but I always saw it as simply bringing us back down from the huge adventure that was the 1st half. 2006scape would die after a cease and desist order and ProjectRS06 would last until OSRS was announced. SAO kept on giving as the years went by but OSRS failed to reignite Clan Wars and therefor my main reason for playing was gone. I'm still the main target audience for SAO. Ordinal Scale showed me that for sure. It's not a show for everybody but it is certainly the show for me. I love and will always love Sword Art Online.

The era can be summed up as somewhat delusional but it at least helped with the suicidal thoughts. I used to wish for death every day I woke up and every time I went to sleep. After I got into Touhou I stopped wishing for death. I started wishing to be gapped away to Gensokyo. I wanted a simpler life - a freer one. One thing that also helped was falling in love. I met her in 2012 and was in a relationship with her all the way up till this month. I still love her but she ended up dumping me. I'm not angry or bitter, if anything I understand. This kind of long distance relationship is hard to keep up - it's a miracle it even lasted as long as it did. Still, nothing lasts forever. That being said, I'm concerned what may happen in my next depressive bout. Nonetheless life is more interesting if you let your delusions take you for a ride. Just keep a good moral outlook and hide your power level from the world around you.

The era had to come to an end nonetheless. I had to leave high school and enter university. My pessimistic outlook would be ruined the first week I stepped through those doors. No longer could I say life would never get better - as it just did. I had to think forward and that meant going back to what I had wanted to do since I was at least 4 years old - making games.

Here is a flash from both the Clock Crew of the Newgrounds era and Vocaloid from the anime era


Posted by aListers - August 15th, 2019

Clockday 2019. Many years since I first joined newgrounds. By this point 10 years ago I was at a low point in my life but it was coming up to the first point where I could consider myself happy. This christmas eve will be the 10th anniversary of the end of the Newgrounds era of my life. Still, I think I'm happy with where I am in the clock crew. I'm not a star by any means. Many clocks bigger than me won't recognize me. Those that do may not recognize me in a positive sense. However, I'm still here. If anything I've kept my word. I'm still active. I still participate in clockday. I still visit newgrounds every day. I'm still appearing as a cameo in other clock movies. Got myself featured in the NG background one time which is still a high point of my life even if I didn't deserve it. I'm a background clock. I guess as long as I keep making things I'll be good.

Life has been a tumble this last year. Adult life and all that. Got a job, left a job, been unemployed for a while. In the end I've decided to try and make my game company sooner rather than later. Was hoping to get a part time job and work 16 hours a week until we start making money. That's still a distant dream though. Right now I need to get the core gameplay loop sorted with the designer.

Either way, Have a happy Clockday! I hope you all enjoy yourselves.

Posted by aListers - August 31st, 2017

In 2007 I made an account on Newgrounds. I was a big fan of FUclock and really wanted to review his work. I didn't know that this event would be a defining point in my life.

It's been 10 years since that day. I was 10 years old at the time. Now it is 10 years later. I've celebrated clockday 10 times, I've had 11 birthdays since. On the 28th was my 21st birthday. When I was 11 years old, newgrounds was the world to me. My friends were all I cared about. I hit the first peak of my life. Now I've hit 2 more and newgrounds is simply my home. I return here - it's mine by oath. I do my best to keep it running - even if that is just by donating $5 every month and maybe make a flash every clockday.

Life was simple back then, I was a child. I was meant to grow up one day. I swore that I'd never leave newgrounds "Till I die or it dies" and hoped one day I'd be big in the clock crew. That wasn't how life goes for people though, I needed to get a job one day.

In high school I didn't really think about what I wanted to do. I now knew I was crap at animation so I didn't want to go into that. I enjoyed programming and as a kid wanted to be a game developer so I chose game programming as a goal. I passed all my exams and went into university for it. I hit my 3rd peak as I enjoyed my time with my friends but this fun was inevitably going to end. I would end up working in a job somewhere.

Why was I doing this? I was just walking the path laid out for me. This was just what was expected of me throughout life. What did I need from this? Game programming is fun yes, but is that all I have to look forward to in life? Surely the freedom I have now is the best point in my life. It is for everybody. At the end of this it's just the daily grind with nothing to look forward to. It wasn't for the money either, I just needed that to survive. There's nothing that I really want - nothing buyable at least.

This is the first year of my life with meaning. I found a solution to it all - one that doesn't involve dieing trying to find a land that only arguably exists. My friends don't want the normal life either. We'll work our normal jobs for about 3 years - only untill we have enough to afford land. With that land we will live self sufficiently. We'll build small houses on it. We'll put up power generators. We'll grow our own food. We'll reduce our bills to the point where we don't need more than a small part time job to keep ourselves alive. This is how we'll maintain the freedom we have now.

In 3 years you can expect more from me. Expect me to make more flashes, expect games for once and maybe I'll even write those songs I've been meaning to. All my life I've wanted to be free and now I know how I'll do it. After 10 years on the internet of knowing who I was - I now know what I want to become.