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Man, the Clock Crew has really diversified in animation styles over the years. Glad the humour has never failed to knock it out the park either. 5 voted!

Happy post-clockday! Which clockday is this after? I don't know. This isn't my first time fluctuation but this means that we get 2 clockdays this year. This is a welcome break from the 1 clockday flash a year and a welcome break from the usual format

15 years later and I still know the lyrics. I wasn't even 15 when I first watched this.

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Quite a basic idea but nonetheless done well. It's quite addictive and there are no extra frustrations that counter the game's adictivness. The soundtrack is briliant too - nice choices. The game really plays as expected and matches my expectations quite well. The tricks are well done and make for a very interesting game.

Overall if I had to say I had a problem it would be with the hit detection. The shapes seem to have outstreched their boundaries in this game.

DIWAKAR responds:


It's a fun concept but it kind of makes me dizzy. I'm sorry to have to put you down on my lack of constitution but it made me feel kind of sick. It was very fun while it lasted though. The music is brilliant and I had great fun before I started feeling sick.

Wow. When I was talking to the machine and it wanted to kill me I assumed it was a heartless machine. I never thought that it had a heart and that I would feel sympathetic to anything that was trying to kill me but the machine persuaded me that it had a heart. Nice one on that!

As for the game quality itself, I found the graphics confusing. I'm colour blind so I couldn't see the AGS imprinted on the wall and never could finish the game without help. The chat bot itself is a bit basic but we don't exactly have much convincing chat bots. It does get in the way when I talk to it about things that should advance the game. It responded nicely to "you hesitated" at a crucial point though. I quite liked it.

Overally I really enjoyed the game and although the technology in the game is a bit basic, it was brilliantly done with what little was there. Brilliant storyline, very memorable character, smart idea in the first place and nice moral choice at the end. You get a fifen vote from me.

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The lyrics in the last verse were funny and the instruments went well with it. I'm not sure if I can get utau so I'm not sure if I could use it on my PC but you seem to have done good with it so far. Hope you submit more longer things in the future.

I loved the drums and bass at the start

I loved the drums and bass at the start of the song. The choruses were exellent too. I didn't like some verses so much because the were a bit stoppy kinda thingy. I really liked the guitar solo too.

I liked most of it.

I really liked most of the song. The intro was a bit long and looped and the end was a bit random but overall it was really good

SwashieB responds:

A bit random, indeed! Thanks

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I like the pencil sketching

I think the pencil skecting outline looks better on the colouring. It does seem different from what you usually do but it's good too.


I like how you've doine the lining. Maybe the tie couldn've been lined in black though.

Love the lighting

I love how you did the lighting on the hair. It does seem a bit detailed for KEI's style on the lighting though ,or at least from what I've seen anyway.

suwako responds:

Thanks! And yeah, haha, I think I overdid it.

I like pie! I survived the end! ok I updated it! just to some alisters has an S in it! So remember it! ¥¥¥

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