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The lyrics in the last verse were funny and the instruments went well with it. I'm not sure if I can get utau so I'm not sure if I could use it on my PC but you seem to have done good with it so far. Hope you submit more longer things in the future.

I loved the drums and bass at the start

I loved the drums and bass at the start of the song. The choruses were exellent too. I didn't like some verses so much because the were a bit stoppy kinda thingy. I really liked the guitar solo too.

I liked most of it.

I really liked most of the song. The intro was a bit long and looped and the end was a bit random but overall it was really good

SwashieB responds:

A bit random, indeed! Thanks

The intro was a bit long

I loved it but the intro was a bit long. Other than that it was great!

aLMiGHTyBuDDaH responds:

yeah im working on some static effects and making louder so it doesn't feel like the intro is dragging on. thanks for the review!

I really like the vocals

I like the singing alot. The instruments aren't really that good but the singing makes up for it. There should be somthing like a solo or somthing to makee it slightly better but overall I loved it!

aLMiGHTyBuDDaH responds:

ive recently remastered this and you can here the guitars and drums much better but this is doing so well as it is i dont feel like starting over.


The start was quite good but also a bit long. After that I quite liked it but it was basicly the same afterwards and I started to get bored. but overall it was ok

M3RC3R responds:

Well, honesty is good. I guess I just don't get bored easily... =/ Also, I guess it would help if I was sure everyone knew what an anticlimax was... In my world, 3 minutes is incredibly short, even if all you hear is the same thing over and over again. Well, thank you for your feedback! Next time I'll actually do something with my music as opposed to letting it repeat. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

A great cover

I loved the part at about 0:24

Casualty responds:

Yeah, it's pretty hardcore ;D

great song!

I like that you put the quote in it! I also like that you put a bass solo in it

Evil-Dog responds:

nice! first song with some bass substance to it :)

It's ok

It's an ok song. I like some parts of it but most of it is average!

Great song!

This is a really good song! I don't even like punk! I love the end of the song!

I like pie! I survived the end! ok I updated it! just to some alisters has an S in it! So remember it! ¥¥¥

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