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I like the pencil sketching

I think the pencil skecting outline looks better on the colouring. It does seem different from what you usually do but it's good too.


I like how you've doine the lining. Maybe the tie couldn've been lined in black though.

Love the lighting

I love how you did the lighting on the hair. It does seem a bit detailed for KEI's style on the lighting though ,or at least from what I've seen anyway.

suwako responds:

Thanks! And yeah, haha, I think I overdid it.

I recognise the picture

you've done a good job of KEI's style. I think I remember it being a cover for hatsune mix or somthing. It looks a lot like it.

You've done really well on the clothes.

You've done really well on the clothes and the hat. I love the hair and the eyes. I like the background too. There's nothing bad about this picture either. You've done a really good job. I think you've actually done quite a good job on the water. I was wondering when you would do a picture of suwako and you've done a brilliant job really.

Really well done on the background

You've done a really good job on the background there! The bed is really well done there and I like the outside glow coming to the inside. You've done the laptop Really well there and you've made the lighting really good. Once again really good job of the character and the lighting on the character is also really good including the shadows. The floor is also quite well done.


You've done the dress and background brilliantly but the hair looks a bit weird. Like ocelotlikespie said the hair isn't moving with the background. I think I'm just used to her hair drill things being a lot bigger in other pics though but it does look a bit wierd. Other than that I like the way you did the dress and the background suits the pic kinda. Really good background. So great pic exept from the hair but I'm not sure if that's just me or not.


The background looks a lot like some sort of painting or somthing. It doesn't really fit your detailed characters. Well done anyway I quite liked the grass to the side though. That does fit. The things on the left are a bit hard to make out. Overall quite good. It just doesn't fit the character style.

really good.

It looks like you've given the eyes a little more detail. They were always my favorite part of your drawings. I like the hair too. It looks like you've given most of the pic a lot more detail.

good work on the wood

I quite like the background. Nice work making it shiny. Kinda looks like the person is floating if you look at the floor but Probably not everyone will look at it like that. The person looks exellent like usual and you've done quite a good job on the dress thing.

I like pie! I survived the end! ok I updated it! just to some alisters has an S in it! So remember it! ¥¥¥

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