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Man, the Clock Crew has really diversified in animation styles over the years. Glad the humour has never failed to knock it out the park either. 5 voted!

Happy post-clockday! Which clockday is this after? I don't know. This isn't my first time fluctuation but this means that we get 2 clockdays this year. This is a welcome break from the 1 clockday flash a year and a welcome break from the usual format

15 years later and I still know the lyrics. I wasn't even 15 when I first watched this.

A masterpiece with great words of wisdom - containing my favourite rule of the book: "Strawberryclock is the king of the portal." Truly a life changing rule of life.

5 has been voted. Also nice to see a cameo of myself in there.

Unfortunately the biggest problem seems to be that the preloader doesn't work for me. I managed to watch the movie by right clicking and clicking play but it otherwise doesn't come up with a play button at all. A shame because it's a great movie

RealRedbookClock responds:

Yea... Anyways happy clockday!

I laughed hard enough to wake everybody up with the cock joke - I didn't expect that kind of humour from you.

It could do with some sound but other than that, it was a very entertaining piece. You and rob seem to have had the same idea for a clockday movie - oddly enough.

chris-the-stick responds:

well, i certainly had fun making it!
oh man, the cock joke had to happen. when i was writing this, i HAD to add it.
i hope that you enjoyed that, and that i didnt put you in trouble for waking everyone up :)

uhh yes, i normally would add sound, but man, i didnt had that much time...
lastly, yes, i and rob had a similar idea, but we executed it differently.
but what can i say? procastination hits everyone, and many can talk about it!

thanks for your great review, you rock man!

Thanks for reminding me of an old game I used to play before I even knew about the clock crew and newgrounds. I'm glad to find it again. Nostalgia indeed.

Anyway, the movie was really funny but as a collab you can't really poke holes in it due to the nature of the many people working on different parts. I liked cycon's part a lot though. I found his comedy more to my tastes than the others.

StrawberryClock responds:

Cycon's part was hysterical!

That was really funny! I quite liked the real life with added animation style - that really added a lot to the humour of things. It added a lot of humour to the depressed and angry emotions of each character in a way that no real acting could. I also liked the sudded turds - seems like traditional newgroundic comedy right there. Almost makes me nostalgic. Overall it's the style that really made this deserve my 5.

Also, I'm not sure if it was intentional but I now understand impressionist music.

intestines responds:

Thanks, I was wanting to do a live action/animation film for my school portfolio for a while, and i guess this little film was the perfect opportunity to do so.

Ive also been on newgrounds for a few years, and I just love poop humor so yeah lolz

I am also glad you enjoyed my "jazz"; its just my way of dicking around on a piano and pretending its music :P

I loved the voice over. Especially the irish one, that was halarious! Yeah the game was halarious and it has now proven to have been a good joke with this video. My only suggestion for improvment is to put up a screenshot of the review.

Good quality

It's a good quality flash with quite a few laughs in it. I laughed at a lot of things in it. I liked the swords and the hats.

chris-the-stick responds:

well, thanks man, i appreciate your good words, and i like that you liked it. i hope you will do many movies in tha future...

I like pie! I survived the end! ok I updated it! just to some alisters has an S in it! So remember it! ¥¥¥

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