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Quite a basic idea but nonetheless done well. It's quite addictive and there are no extra frustrations that counter the game's adictivness. The soundtrack is briliant too - nice choices. The game really plays as expected and matches my expectations quite well. The tricks are well done and make for a very interesting game.

Overall if I had to say I had a problem it would be with the hit detection. The shapes seem to have outstreched their boundaries in this game.

DIWAKAR responds:


It's a fun concept but it kind of makes me dizzy. I'm sorry to have to put you down on my lack of constitution but it made me feel kind of sick. It was very fun while it lasted though. The music is brilliant and I had great fun before I started feeling sick.

Wow. When I was talking to the machine and it wanted to kill me I assumed it was a heartless machine. I never thought that it had a heart and that I would feel sympathetic to anything that was trying to kill me but the machine persuaded me that it had a heart. Nice one on that!

As for the game quality itself, I found the graphics confusing. I'm colour blind so I couldn't see the AGS imprinted on the wall and never could finish the game without help. The chat bot itself is a bit basic but we don't exactly have much convincing chat bots. It does get in the way when I talk to it about things that should advance the game. It responded nicely to "you hesitated" at a crucial point though. I quite liked it.

Overally I really enjoyed the game and although the technology in the game is a bit basic, it was brilliantly done with what little was there. Brilliant storyline, very memorable character, smart idea in the first place and nice moral choice at the end. You get a fifen vote from me.


did you draw all over your maths jotter there? It's just I have the same jotter. Looks like an unused one. You seem to be pretty good at drawing the girls. A few things I didn't think you'd actually drawn before. I though a lot of it was just stuff you made at a PC.


I loved the bo staff one. I loled when he used his beard.

A really fun game

I love the fact that you can select a player to control while the other players help. 2 things you can add are like some kind of free mode where you can choose your enemies to attack and enable their troops and control groups of units.

better than I can do

Wow. I love this game! It's a good time waster when there's no clockday flashes in the portal and you have done everything you usually do. It never gots boring too because your chasing Bs. 5ved!

beat the game on my second try

It's pretty good! It's a bit anoying when things take you to the first level though! I'd suggest in the 3rd one you make animations to show you why you get taken bakc to the menu like if you click on the wall you headbutt it and kill yourself!

teammember responds:

nah, the third is a platformer

pretty good game

quite a challenge for me because I'm colour blind! I quite like it but it's confusing how it's the outside ring you have to click. Make it so there is only 1 ring you can click.

one of the best

one of the best gutar games I found! It is also the most like guitar hero I've found! good choice of songs and the sync is quite useful when I'm playign it on someones laptop whos sound is quite lagging. however the was quite a lot of lag at the start and you should keep the 5 button to hard mode. you could have an expert mode where the 6 could be used! It's a really good game and I hope it gets better in flash hero 2!

I like pie! I survived the end! ok I updated it! just to some alisters has an S in it! So remember it! ¥¥¥

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