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aListers's News

Posted by aListers - August 15th, 2009


**UPDATE** I have a chance.
**UPDATE** I've won! I miscopunted slightly and I had fived enough under judgement! That was pretty hard and I wont set a chalenge like that again. I was on the PC for 8 hours straight just 5ing

Posted by aListers - August 15th, 2009

My saves are going up quicker than all the other clockdays yet my clockday flash has a really low score. Still I'm getting my awards on clockcrew.cc so I'm ok with that. I have a smeging high target this time so I'll be on here longer than usual. I have SBC's new game to keep me occupied

Posted by aListers - August 14th, 2009

That's me finished my clockday movie. I worked harder on this than any other flash movie I've done exept shc goes to ardeonaig which I'll make after that smico battle flash is done. Unfortunatle it came out faster than I expected it to be so expect it to be quite slower. now I have to do my madness day movie because I have school on wensday

Posted by aListers - July 27th, 2009

I was a lot more nooby I and didn't care what I said. I had like 9 comments on all my posts and I was good friends with salt. I miss those days. If I did that now adays I would get really embarassed but it was fun back then. It was better in my noob days and I wish they were here again. I want to be new again so I would make friends easier. I never find friends on newgrounds as easy as I used to. I could click someones profile and post a comment and then I would be friends with them straight away. Niow what I do is go on their profile and think of somthing to post but I would be too afraid to post it. I want to be able to post without caring again. My friends have left, hated me at some point or just lost intrest. Back in the old days I clicked superblast's profile accidently and we became friends within a news post, then superblast became friends with saltshakerclock and we all became friends. I then discovered icecubeclock (who later became iceblockclock then duke nukem clock now I have no idea what he is but now he is the only friend who still comes online) and we have been friends ever since. Salt dicovered smicothegreat (who he hated at the time, and smico hated clocks) but eventually we bacame freinds and then the days were best. I posted then I got loads of comments, same with everyone else. Salt would PM me all the time and we were all good freinds. The greatest time was this battle thing that we had on smicos profile. linky to the battle. We were good freinds till the end of 07 or the start of 08 where salt went racist on my at deviant art. We did forgive each other but from there it all went downhill. superblast had left and with the friendship between me and salt losing it then salt's birthday marks the end of my favorite times on newgrounds. For about a year my days on newgrounds were a great time and I hope that one day things will be back to those days. For 2 years now I have been wandering the fourms looking for entertainment and only posting a few times through fear of getting banned. I hope to become freinds with salt some day again and for me to become more confident and post more on iceblocks profile(or whatever he's called now) so that for a while at least things will be back to the things they were.

Smeg that was probably one of my largest posts that wasn't just spam on smicos profile. so What can I do to get more friends. I'm an 07 user and still count as new to some so what do I do now?

Posted by aListers - July 9th, 2009

Well because I have like 1 month I've decided to start getting serious. I've made the decision to start my clock day flash. I have 1 month so I'm trying to make this stuff good now. SHC goes to argeonaig is being delayed to after the madness buisnessman even though it's almost done.

Posted by aListers - July 5th, 2009

I passed through the fire and flames finally! Now I can focus on doing other stuff. I havent done much in flash because It's been really hot over the past few days.

Posted by aListers - June 29th, 2009

SHC goes to ardeonaig is actually going quite nicely. My flash has actually improved. It's possible I might actually use my clockcrew account some day. I depends how MB2 goes. I need a basic story for it so if any of you have a basic story for it (i'll add all the extras like where he goes to fight and stuff) can you tell me please I'm out of imagination right now.

Posted by aListers - June 21st, 2009

School is over for me and so now my flash production rate as increased. I will finish SHC goes to aredeonaig then I will start my clockday 09 movie (which will probably be a race with funny things in it not ultimate food theif 2 remake. maybe next clockday) then I'll make the madness buisnessman 2. I've found that listening to punk while making flash seems to make me want to do it more.
I might be contributing to all 3 portals some day because I'm in a band and although I dont really like the songs we're making we are going to see if anyone acually does.
Anyway , back to flash, here is the chart thingy.

SHC goes to ardeonaig (possibly monday only ATM) - making 50% finished (or 10% finished)
Clockday 09 thing - going to make 5% finished (got most of the story)
MB2- going to make 0% finished. I need a good story so if any of you have like a main story but without the battles or conversations or battles in it just like what he does and who he meets n' stuff the can you please tell me it because I have no real story
SHCs dream- still delayed

Posted by aListers - May 29th, 2009

Well GH:M came out in the UK today and so I got it becasue I was good at school. So I played it and it was more fun on vocals than I expected. I also Failed battery on guitar already (I wasn't expecting to fail any song). Anyway I'm going to try and 5 star every song in the setlist on guitar. Drums is impossible because I have to hit them really soft because one of my pads broke 2 times

Posted by aListers - May 3rd, 2009

I post what I'm really gonna say soon]

**UPDATE** according to this. what do I like more? rock or metal