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My Noobiness

Posted by aListers - October 8th, 2010

My noobiness gets me trolled by canibal trolls trolling other trolls.

I hate my fellow vocaloid fans.

**UPDATE** I don't think I should make a new post for this.

Newgrounds isn't what it used to be. Every noob I know hates the clock crew. Back in 07 we all loved the clock crew! I would read Rupeeclock's flashes's reviews and find many who loved the clock crew. now whoever I find either doesn't care or dislikes the clock crew.

People have forgoten who I am. I rarley get comments here and nobody understands the clock crew T-shirt I wear even though I obsessed about it back in 07 and everyone knew I was smegheadclock. Now I wear it and people are like "I'm not laughing." It isn't because it's not funny or funny anymore it's because they don't remember the clock crew or me. These people I talked to and constantly told them about the clock crew. Almost every day.

Should I leave the past behind and start somthing new. I'll still be smegheadclock but should I attempt to take charge?


no, you don't get rarely comments, NOT ANYMORE!

it's still not 07.

also i agree trolls are bad, but its good 2 avoid them...
anyhow, mate.... srsly
ppl always hate tha clock crew, you just dont see them.... ki1o, mr_artist, icecold, u name it, butcher12, there are many enemies of cc.
and now that im at clocktopia.net, i cant say they are wrong.
but i cant say they are right too.
there are many great clocks. they just are busy makin' movieez.

be a clock, just dont say it alot to your friends. a friendly advice!

not anymore. Back in 07 I could but not anymore. I just can't trust everyone I meet anymore. No use in spreading stuff now.

dont B sad if ppl don't reply on your clock fan-craze...
people often dislike internet stuff.
its true

meh. I spread it round back in 07. I just want people to remember that I'm smegheadclock on the internet. 3 years ago I was obsessing about it but now that I'm not (and try to avoid contact with anyone who isn't my freind) everyone has forgotten. How could they forget somthing I was obsessed about and showing everyone?r

they forget only because they either don't like it,/they are not interested, OR because they didn't heard about it for a long time.
so, dont B hard on them. ppl forget, man.

ALSO: ppl who dont get in the internet often, don expct them 2 get an inside joke.
they usually do not get it.

it's no bad, mate...

I guess.

keep it real!

i wish we could re-unite with smico, salt, iceblock, 'n the tomajko.
could B cool.

any news, on the front?

ps. OH! and snowman2001! he was cool...
and bn, he wuz cool

I've got nothing to post up on the news post. Nothing much happens exept it's nearly december.

I've been wishing to re-unite for about 3 years. wow time has passed.

btw how r u?

I guess I'm ok.

Ahh the days of the clock crew my god that was a long fuking time ago but yes the clock crew days were by far the best days hours of endless surfing newgrounds in search of the coolest clock crew videos i gave up newgrounds because of all the bitch ass haters and trolls no one likes trolls. As a matter of fact why do people even troll its sooo stupid if they have soo much emotion why dont they take it out on the person in the first place that caused it and not on innocent bloggers like smeg here what i am really trying to say is why the fuck do people hate?

When people passionately hate the clock crew they love them the next month. Trolls seem to fail at trolling these days. I rarley go to other peoples userpages anymore though. Nobody spams my userpage and I've almost begun to miss it.