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wow. this was a beautiful post, my friend!

i love how you've mentioned all of your long trip from 10 years ago, when your first discovered the CC and newgrounds, up to this day, now that you are a young man, ready to carve his own path and to be a FREE person. i honestly admire that.

also, your oath for NG, of ''Till I die or it dies'' is truly amazing, it still moves me emotionally when i see you posting it, because i know it's true.

i live by the same code, and our internet history is kinda similar.
i discovered newgrounds on 2001 after watching a funny flash movie on a random site. the movie linked to: newgrounds.com, and i went there.

back then, the logo of NG said: newgrounds: ''the problems of the future, today!''
i was kinda surprised by the motto of NG back then, but i kept watching its movies, and i played it's cool games for a few months.
i witnessed strawberry's ''B'' movie, but i thought that it sucked, and i ignored it.
then, i saw the assasin games, and some creepy movies, i got scared on NG,and i left. (remember, i was a child back then!).
fast-forward, i return on NG as a lurker on 2003, and i discover some of the first (and best) clockcrew movies: ''sonne'' by avocado clock, ''the Void'' (1+2) by blue clock, FU-clock's ''the clock war'' series, and his comedic ''the FU clock'' movies, and ''lord of the clocks'' by strange clock, to name a few.
i instantly fell in love with the CC. i kept watching their movies non-stop on NG, and i remained a frequent lurker on NG.
another fast-forward: i finally organise my stuff and i join NG officially on 2006. i start reviewing+ faving/5-ing my favorite CC movies, new and old alike.
i notice a new CC series, ''On the bridge'', by radiotube-clock. i review his movies, i talk to him on PM's, and we become friends. i voice act on most of his movies (+i help with ideas), and we are close friends ever since.
im too shy to join the CC on 2006, until the summer of 2007, when radiotube convinces me to join the CC forums.
its been 10 years since i've joined the CC, and 11+ years since i've (officially) joined NG.
it feels like a century, because i have a million memories and thoughts about this.
its a great feeling man, so i know how you're feeling!

i still support NG as much as i can, and the same goes for CC.
some of my best friends are from here, (including you!), and i won't let this place down.
its a great place.

also, i admire you for wanting to live a life of freedom: to be independent, in your own land with your friends, and being self-sufficient.

this CAN happen, and you can do it.

i will be happy to see your updates when you will be finally free, and with your own land+free time, as you will be finally free to carve your own path in the future.

also, i have a question: if your 1st peak was when you joined NG, and your 3rd peak was when you enjoyed your time with your friends in highschool (after a study in programming), then WHAT(and when) was your 2nd peak moment?
(you can answer that on a PM, if its private).
sorry if i ask, im just curious.

as for me, some of my peak moments where when i first created my own CC movies on 2011/2012, another peak was when i graduated from highschool and i entered college with PC programming+multimedia as my subject, and one artistic peak for me was the fact that i revived the long-lost e-magazine of the clockcrew, the ''TIEM'' issues.

people thought that they were lost and/or destroyed, but i had the files, and i fixed, restored and posted them up on newgrounds, so that everyone can see them+preserve them for the future:

this felt great, and thanks to my persistence and yomuchans coding, the TIEM magazines are now alive+restored.

anyways, i always liked your artistic spirit, and i admire your desire to be free and self-sufficient.
may you always be happy+free!

i wish the best for you, my friend.
be well.


3rd peak was with university friends - not high school friends.

2nd peak was on 2006scape - a runescape private server that never came out. On it's fourms was a fourm games board. There was a small community that sprang out of if and I was a big part of it. It was the first community that I would spend entire days with since 2007. Eventually, Jagex hit the game with a copyright strike. People started accusing the admins of scamming (even though just by playing it you could tell that they had remade the game from scratch) and no possible way to contact that community was left

Names like Nightingale,Rdr and SetsumaPK are names I'll probably never see again but I'll always remember them. Back then, Sword Art Online was coming out, we were spending 8 hours a day breaking fourm game records and we thought we were getting our game back. That community was great - shame we all lost contact.