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what a nice post, alisters!
i loved it, it was so true, emotional and interesting to read...
i still remember when i first joined newgrounds(officially) : it was on 27 of october 2006, more than 10 years ago, and i've celebrated my 10 years on NG a while ago, while im ready to reach 11 years on NG soon...

(as for ''unofficially'' being a part of NG, i first discovered NG on 2001...
and then, i was lurking NG since 2001, with a large hiatus/absence on 2002, and a steady presence on NG from 2003, until 2006, mostly as a lurker, since i didnt really felt like joining...(due to myself being a young fool!)

eventually, i decided to join-up on NG on 2006, and i started talking with many people, i met cool people, (like you!), i've made many good friends(like you/radiotube/pop-tart), and i've been steadily watching CC movies between 2003-2006 and onwards, but even tho i've joined newgrounds on 2006, i was still too hesitant to join the CC, because i loved their movies, and i respected them too much in order to join...

in short: i was a bit scared by their fame+awesomeness.

but then, my good friend radiotube-clock convinced me to join the CC, and eventually, i joined the CC on early 2007.

nowadays, its been 10+ years since my official join date of NG, and 10+ years since i joined the CC. 10 years... can you believe it? i certainly cant.
its so huge, and so amazing, that it surprises me.
so, i know how you feel, my friend!

also, i agree with you:

i love NG, and i hope that newgrounds will live forever!

as for your mentions about me, i thank you: you've been a really good friend, and i consider you to be one of my closest, best friends, so its an honour to have your friendship and your support.

with that being said, i DO remember our 2007-era of newgrounds:
our friend-group consisted by the group of: me, you, smicorules/AKA=smico, salt-shaker-clock,
iceblock-clock(AKA=rob clock), pizza-joe(I remember a guy named pizza, for some reason...), BOOM-clock, s.t.a.l.k.er.-clock, clockwannabe, redbartlet-clock, and some other guys too.

then, on 2007, the MOST important thing back then, was the ''threat'' of the kitty krew.
oh man, we hated the kitty krew with a passion, back then!
i remember that salt-shaker-clock, pizza-joe, BOOM-clock, and you joined up a on a anti-KK movement, and some guys created flash movies of the event.
even smico created a drawing about it against the kitty krew, and it was cool.
i was thankful that i was active back then, because i got to be friends with you, with BOOM-clock, with iceblock-clock, and with smico.
and i eventually discovered one new anti-KK flash movie, which was created by a new, promising flash group: it was the shades gang.
so, i told them that i loved their movies (and their anti-KK films), they liked my reviews, and they invited me to join their flash animation group.
and thats how i joined the shades gang.
it was a glorious group of good people, and great artists.
i was also very active on CC since 2007, because i really wanted to become clcokified/AKA=accepted by the CC.
ofcourse, the clockification/acceptance process eventually stopped in mid-2008(i think?), and therefore all new clocks became ''validated'' +clockified/accepted, so i became an official clock member, and it was one of the happiest moments in my internet life...

ofcourse, later on, many old friends vanished, and life happened, school, highshool, college, and work, along with social stuff limited my time, and made it hard for me to be as active as i used to be, but i still visit newgrounds, because its the place where i (literally) grew up.
its where i learned flash, where i learned how to make funny cartoons+artworks, and the place where i discovered the clockcrew(glorious!), and where i met some of my best (online)friends.

you are a good person, alisters, and i like you.
remain strong, and never change.
you are a really loyal, good, and thoughtful person, with good thoughts, and a clever mind.

and you might be sometimes intimidated by some of the jokes that the clockcrew are doing to their newest/other members, but you shouldn't be:
there are a few idiots in the CC, but a large percentange are good people, like you and me.
ofcourse, the final decision is yours, and i will always respect you, no matter what...
but still, i had to mention that.

also: i really like your movies, they are funny, well-made and cute.
i will always vote 5 on them, and i will always review them.
plus, you really improve over the years...
your latest 3 movies were simply amazing, and really funny, so that means alot.

plus: i really love FU-clock's movies as well!
and i've talked with him on the CC forums/on skype/on steam.
trust me, FU-clock isnt just an AWESOME artist, he is also a very friendly, nice person.
i respect him alot.

the same thing (also)applies for radiotube: he is one of my oldest, best friends of NG/online.(along with you+some other people, ofcourse).
he's the guy who convinced me to join the CC, and we both tried to make funny stuff into new OTB movies. ofcourse, he did everything, from the art, to the core of teh story, to the awesome animation sequences, but i've always liked it when i was voice-acting+giving story ideas for his movies: it still makes me proud to this very day.
radiotube's a good friend, and like i've said before... i respect him alot.
the same exact thing applies for you, for pop-tart and for my close friends.

anyways, this was a great trip down memory lane, so thank you alisters for that! :D

Oh yeah, I remember the shades gang. I don't remember much about them though. I remember us being a part of them. I should probably do a bit of research into them again - just so I can record it for the future. I'm not entirely sure if I ever joined them but I remember liking them and interacting with them quite a lot. I think if anything then I joined them ss Smegheadclockshades.

I slso remember the anti kitty krew. I know I was a part of that. I took psrt in a collab for them I'm sure. It was one of those things we got quite involved in. I can't quite remember the details - it seems to be one of those things that others remember better than me. Looking back at it, we had quite a few friends in the anti kitty krew.