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aListers's News

Posted by aListers - October 28th, 2008

My english teacher did the bedn at school today! I don'y have any pics cuz I forgot to bring my phone!

Posted by aListers - October 21st, 2008

It was freezeing today! I was waiting for damn clock for a few minutes, my hands were freezing at the end. When he came we went inside at the geography stairs with all my freinds (well most of them) were. after a while i saw 2 people fighting ; but nobody was paying attention. Later I smelled burning and one guy was on fire and was being hit with a fire extinguisher. once the fire was out they were pushed outside where everyone followed. I went back inside becuase it got boring. One guy took the others eye out and the other was continualy punching him. the bell rang soon after. the first 2 past then I got diarreah so I was in the toilet the whole break. the next 2 periods pass. I went to lunch and stuff. Later I went back to the playground (I had no homework so I had to go somewhere) and saw there was a big rush, the bell hadn't even rang, so everyone was runnign to the doors. I followed and suddenly this stun grenade was thrown in the air. I was quite out of distance. I ran to the thing where a teacher was guarding. I heard there was another fight. From there my freind scarede the smeg out of damnclock.the teacher went to stop the mess while we ran in. suddenly there was a bomb and I ran out shouting "run away". The bell rang imediatley afterward in time for modern studies and music.
So not all this is true. Almost none of it but There was two fights and a full water bottle was thrown in the air wich splashed all the girls.

TL;DR There were 2 fights in the school.
**UPDATE** I'm still looking for people to write the vocals for my songs (you wont get payed)

Posted by aListers - October 20th, 2008

yeah I can't write vocals. I'll send someone who will write them the file and they can write the songs. (you won't get payed) or you can pursuade me to not use vocals but I'm not doing that

Posted by aListers - October 14th, 2008

for a long time I ignored the audio portal. My freind (operatic) told me that th audio portal was good so I looked at it. I quite like it and I'm now thinking of contributing to it. I have this program that makes music (untill I fully learn to play guitar and drums) so I'm making music for it.

Posted by aListers - October 7th, 2008

My english teacher's Xbox 360 blew up! When we were in class people started talking about games consoles, lastly being the xbox 360. In the middle of it my teacher said ''I don't think this has anthing to do with the xbox 360, cuz if it did I would remember! My xbox went bang a few weeks ago while I was playing that new star wars game! I was on the second level and really getting into it when the red ring thing (he didn't know it was called the red ring of death) came up!

TL;DR: his 360 blew up when playing star wars.
has this ever happened to you?

and nobody say video games forum! Nobody ever goes there!

Posted by aListers - September 25th, 2008

Or at least how I was described it was! I could describe it to you!

Posted by aListers - September 22nd, 2008

but video games are really smeging addicting! I'll never leave newgrounds and if I do I'll leave a note! if I ever miss clockday without a note I'm dead in real life got it?

Posted by aListers - September 18th, 2008

my guitar hero addiction has stopped! I'm making flash again!

madness buisnessman 2: delayed (I'll make it after christmas)
dream flash : delayed (I do it once I'm done making these other flashes)
SHC at ardonaig (I'm making a new name for this) : making....
CC - race (clockday 09 flash) : I'll start after new year!

I'll add more if I remeber I'm making more! right now I'm looking for a new name for SHC at ardonaig (smegheadclock and a few freinds go on a trip to some weird cristian place where they have to do things like climb hills and gorge walk. they all live in this hotel with spiders). I'm also looking for a person who can voice act for a girl (if I can avoid using speakonia).

Posted by aListers - September 10th, 2008

I'm making a special day! like clockday, madnessday, picoday all that kind of stuff! we celebrate by making flash! HAPPY DOOMSDAY! (feel free to make flashes next year)

Posted by aListers - August 29th, 2008

I managed to miss newgrounds on my birthday! but rupee was right! video games are addicting!