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I like pie! I survived the end! ok I updated it! just to some alisters has an S in it! So remember it! ¥¥¥


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I actually enjoyed last year!

So many things have happened this year. The most major was falling in love at the end of last year which caused dreams to be the most important part of this year. They've developed me greatly over the past year and they've taught me that I'm not quite as unique as I thought I was but I'm still very unique in my own ways. I'm not sure if it means I'm creepy or crazy but I've been either one of the 2 for many years now. 1 thing is for sure though - Im in love and I love every second of it.

The other major thing that's happened is the "Relapse of Runescape and Wrestling" which dominated my life from the latter half of last year until the middle of this year. It's a little sub-era. I still watch wrestling but I stopped caring about the WWE because it suffered the same problems as Runescape. WWE and runescape both backstab their veterans. This era I fought against these companies in mass boycotts. We didn't want the EOC and we still don't want John Cena. Our WWE one failed to do practically anything (people don't think there is any competition to the WWE and therefore keep watching it) but the runescape one brought Jagex to it's knees as 40% of users left runescape to play on private servers. On those private servers I became part of a community which brought back feelings I hadn't had since 2007 - which I still to this day consider to be the greatest year of my life on the internet. I made a name for myself on the 2006scape fourm games board and made some brilliant friends there. I was the most common name on the count to 50 before a mod game - which I brought here when I signed up. Unfortunatley the site was taken down by Jagex and then we all mosed to ProjectRS06. The community kind of went to die there as fights broke out between those who believed that Mod Vault had no choice and those who thought of him as nothing but a scammer. Eventually our boycott lead to jagex bringing out old school runescape which had no EOC. We had won but I never went back. I was F2P and will always be. There is still a hole in my heart from those days. I miss my friends on 2006scape. Still I learned the true value of community. It was that which caused me to love 2006scape and the year 2007. It wasn't the activity it was the people and I think this is one of the most important lessons of my life so far.

Oddly enough, these events both started last year but as they ended this year, I can look back at them and say with all my heart that I enjoyed them.  In terms of real life I've found my friends again. The year before it was a bit awkward because there was nobody I could truly trust in the group I hung out with. Now I know my friends and play cards with them. I've also applied to 3 universities, only 1 of which has replied and given me a conditional - so I have to pass Maths with a B before I'm allowed in. Seeing as I'm doing this level of maths over 2 years, I'll be severly disappointed if I end up getting a C which is what I was expected to have gotten last year if I hadn't decided to do it over 2 years.

Still, there is much left to enjoy in my last year of High School. All the neds have left so I like almost all the people left in my year. I don't bear quite as much pride for my High school as I do for my Primary School but I will probably miss my friends when we all go. Of the 2 people I trust most, 1 will be staying in the Glasgow area and going to a university there while I risk leaving the other to go to another City in Scotland and continue my studies - if I do well. I hope I'll find good trustable people wherever I go but unfortunaley that may not be the case.

This been a good, eventful year for me. I hope that 2014 will be as good if not better. Happy New Year everybody! I wish you all enjoy it like I enjoyed last year!

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